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Welcome to Scaler Neovarsity

Scaler Neovarsity aims to provide industry-relevant and academically rigorous programs to help learners better prepare for careers in cutting edge sub-fields of engineering, science, applied math and management. Our core tenets are: 

  1. Provide the highest quality education (teaching and mentorship) which is simple to learn from, practical and effective; thereby making it accessible to learners across the widest range of expertise and backgrounds. 
  2. Affordable and cost-effective higher education with high return on investment of time, energy and money.
  3. Prepare our learners with real-world problem solving and industry-relevant skills to make them ready for careers in industry and academia. We want our learners to level-up in this skills and careers.
  4. Make life-long learners by inculcating the habit of learning rigorously from first principles and a varied set of resources.

Scaler Neovarsity is founded by industry experts and academia with decades of experience teaching and building cutting edge products for some of the world's largest companies and institutions. 

You can find more about us at and

Scaler Neovarsity is a full member of Woolf, a Higher Education Institution in Europe
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